This blog is the home for my musings about comics and comics history. In 2011 I taught a class on Comics and Pop Culture. This experience led me to start writing what will become the content of this blog. Reading pieces of this will in some ways be like sitting in on my class. These are the kinds of things we talked about, though I do go a lot more afield here than I did there. There will be inevitable tangents from the specific topic of Comics, but the thread back will always be there. The specifics of what this blog is about are spelled out more overtly in the first post.

While this topic would be well-served by having lots of images I have decided not to include them here. I envision this project as an eventual book, and obtaining the rights of everything I want talk about would probably be impossible. If you feel that anything I talk about needs illustration do some image searches based on what I write. It’s pretty much all out there.

I do not claim that the ideas I have here or the points I make are definitive. These are my observations, filtered through my research, perceptions and personal experience, with no little amount of autobiography. I welcome comments and discussion, but snarky one-upsmanship will get deleted pretty quickly.

All original content is Copyright 2013 Wayne Wise. All comics characters referenced are copyright their respective owners and I  make no claim on them. Eventually I will post a page with my references/reading list for this project.


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